Do we have a corporate culture that will work for us in meeting and exceeding our goals?

Does our company have the right strategy?

Do we have the strongest team and are they on board with our vision?

Do we have the right organizational structure to execute the strategy?

We consult, coach, work with the team – depending on your company’s needs.

With over 25 years of leadership experience in large and small corporations, we roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with you. Whether it’s leadership training, strategy workshops or embedding with a project team for a designated period of time, we create a safe space where organizations can explore new ideas and opportunities to enhance their culture and their business. What you won’t get from us is traditional consulting-speak. Or, ideas that never get past a PowerPoint presentation. We ask provocative questions, listen, reflect, and then work to solve with you. Moving from the white board to the real world, putting collected thoughts into concrete action.

Connecting people and purpose.

We work at the intersection of HR and Communications, understanding that employee motivation, commitment and engagement is what drives excellence. It’s only when the authentic purpose of an organization is uncovered and articulated that an activated, invested workforce can be built. Employees at all levels should take pride in what they do to help their company go beyond incremental thinking to transformational impact.

Is your company ready for change?

We’re here to help you build a company that is adaptable and resilient. A company whose leadership embraces the inevitability and power of change. And whose work force understand it’s the only way to move forward and thrive.